Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fabric Card Holders.


I am a sucker for all things fabric. And especially love using up those precious scraps that I have no heart of throwing away as trash. So this is a very cool project that i whipped up for an event that I was partaking. An exhibition of all things handmade by this fabulous FB group Chennai Crafters called "Urban Hands".

These are fabric Card Holders. A very nice way to organise ones Visiting Cards, Credit Cards and Debit Cards. And whats best, when dirty dunk them in the washing machine and iron them.! All shiny and new again.!

The show went great and the card holders were a sell out...!!! yay sew me.!!!                                           

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Darn. First blog post and I am already running out of words. Why is the first intro post always the hardest? You start out, all excited, and mostly you go blank on this huge space, like writing into this big vacuum. At most, your closest friends know about your blog, if at all, and so it’s all about writing into the void, trying to find your own voice. At least, that’s what it is for me. So if anyone is out there please thank you for stopping by.

I am going to use this to "chat" about lots of things like sewing and crafting, the happenings of my little family, my shop, everyday life stuff, and how I manage to keep sane in the midst of all the chaos!

I have two handmade shops called Madras Motif  and TheBowtiqueshop which allows me to work from home. I started the shop in January of 2010. After having just made a handful of hair accessories for my daughter, I had a lot of feedback from people saying I should sell some of my creations.  So I thought, hey why not give it a shot! And here I am. I am pleased to say that the shop is doing well! I am truly learning as I go, but it's been so rewarding and I am loving the the opportunity to create. In my shop you'll find lots of handmade goodness for adults, for baby, and just for fun!

The blog kind of came out of the shop as a way to connect with my customers and let them get to know the girl behind the shop. It is going to be an amazing way for me to connect with all my readers so you'll have to come by and check that out! I will blog my DIY's around my home, sewing projects {of course}, favorite recipes, and snippets of my daily life.

It is definitely a struggle to balance the business with home and all of the things that make my life so busy, but I am so blessed to be doing what I love. I am coming up with new ideas all the time so check the blog (and the shop) often for what's coming next! You can also follow all the Madras Motifs and TheBowtiqueshop happenings on Facebook. Just click the icons on my homepage!

Thanks again for stopping by! I look forward to getting to know you.